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Choosing trees and hedging | Where do I start?

time for topiary

Trees and hedging options are limitless – they provide a backdrop, a boundary, a statement, a canopy, a habitat, a natural link.  And that’s without even considering all their health benefits and the sheer beauty of a well-planted hedge or their flowers, berries and ever-changing foliage.  So, what should you think about when deciding to plant?

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You know it’s time to look after your hedge when…

Keeping on top of your hedgecare regime is really important, for your hedge health, appearance and the long-life of these natural boundaries.  But how do you know what you should be doing to keep your hedge in check? And when should you be doing it?

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Trees and Hedging | Your Customer Journey

Has it really been SEVEN years since we started trading online? Wow! Seven years of garden products, seven years of Hawthorn, Privet and Alder, seven years of bamboo canes, seven years of hedgerow packs, seven years of plant protection and accessories. Imagine all the lush hedgerows that are now thriving across the UK, planted lovingly by you from our UK-sourced stock!

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Cell grown plants: Explained

Available all year round, our cell grown plants really come into their own at this time of year.  If you can plan and plant in the bare root season, bare root plants are still the more cost-effective option – but what if you’re eager to plant now?  You still can, thanks to the availability of cell grown plants.  But what are they?

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Bee-friendly plants: If you were a bee, what bee would you be?

We’ve gone all poetical on you this month – perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the brighter nights, perhaps it’s the
pollen!  Either way, we’ve got a sweet little poem to help you pick out the perfect bee-friendly plants from our range here at Treesandhedging HQ.