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Thundersnow? Protect young plants in any winter conditions


Brace yourselves. Thundersnow is imminent. A weatherbomb is upon us. Batten down the hatches – there’s a lightning blizzard on its way. All scary headlines, but the bottom line for your young plants, trees and hedging in the winter is to minimise damage by choosing the right plants in the first place and being prepared. Even a hard frost or thundersleet, (the wetter, sludgier second cousin of thundersnow) can create havoc if you haven’t thought ahead.

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[OFFER EXTENDED] Make 2017 your year for planting: Free Delivery* in January

Pick your young trees and hedging this January and we’ll deliver for free*! Select your plants, adding in some plant protection where appropriate, drop in the promotional code and we’ll do the rest.  Start your 2017 trees and hedging journey today – we’ll help you on your way.

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A year in trees and hedging 2016

a year in trees and hedging 2016

A year of trees and hedging flies by, right? One minute your heeling in, rolling up your sleeves and planting, the next you’re trimming, thinning and waiting for the new shoots to appear.  So we thought we’d take you through a whistle-stop month-by-month review of our year together.   Who’s looking forward to 2017?! We are!

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Begin your bare root season’s journey with us

As we brace ourselves for our seventh bare root season online (and a couple of decades prior as a wholesale supplier of trees and hedging), we thought we’d walk you through a Bareroot Customer’s Journey.  You’ll have your own bare root preparations to consider first: why are you planting, what will you plant, how many will you plant. when will you plant, who will help you plant, what will be your watering, maintenance and weeding programme? Whether you’re at the why, what, when or how many stage, you’re ready to start your bare root plants journey – and that’s where we come in!

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National Tree Week 2016 24 Nov-4 Dec

National Tree Week 2016

National Tree Week  – a great chance to celebrate and promote the importance of our nation’s trees and tree planting.  This year, the event runs from 24 November – 4 December.  What will you plant this year? First celebrated in 1975, it’s the UK’s largest tree celebration annually launching the start of the winter tree planting season.