Meet the team: Reggie and Rita Robin

Featuring in our Meet the Team blog are our resident robin redbreasts, Reggie and Rita.  Reggie has been visiting our dispatch shed for the last two seasons but this year, he also brought along his new-found partner, Rita. Let’s find out what the pair have been up to this Winter!

Trees – the “green lungs” of our planet

Breathing…oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Remember this from your schooldays?  Without our lungs, we simply couldn’t survive. And likewise, without trees, the green lungs of our planet, we’d struggle to breath.

What’s in a hedgerow? More than you think!

  Hot on the heels of Grown in Britain week, this month’s blog takes a closer look at our hedgerows.   Find out a little more about all the hidden treasures you get when you plant and look after a hedge…what’s in YOUR hedge?

Bring out the beekeeper in you – plants to bring bees to your garden

Our gardens and green open spaces are green corridors within the hustle and bustle of buildings, roadways and today’s hectic lifestyles.  These “green corridors” can be a haven for bees and butterflies and not only can we enjoy the beauty and flower interest of shrubs, they can be attractive to wildlife, too. We’ve a few […]

March / April can still be great times of the year for planting out your bareroot trees and hedging

We are often asked at this time of year “Is it too late?” …”No” is our reply. The bareroot season often runs well into April and it is still the most cost effective way of planting up that lovely garden hedge or tree.