UK trees and hedging specialist selected as main distributor of Tubex tree protection products

  Lincolnshire-based British Hardwood Tree Nursery Limited will be one of only five authorised distributors of Tubex tree protection products from July 2014. Tubex is the UK’s leading producer of tree shelters to enhance growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.  Their tubes, shelters, guards and meshes are widely used by estate […]

Shrubs suitable for coastal sites

We are often asked which plants are most suited for coastal planting; that will withstand a battering from the elements and possibly the salty water as well. So we have collected our thoughts together for you in this blog.    

Why plant with protection?

The expense of planting up a new hedge or a couple of garden trees can be enough without having to consider any additional costs such as the accessories. That we fully understand…. however…. we strongly advise all of our customers to consider the accessories needed to ensure plants get off to the best start they […]

Buy British Grown Sweet Chestnut Trees with Confidence

We are proud to report that all of our Sweet Chestnut plants are UK grown, so that you can have ultimate confidence in the provenance of the stock that you are buying. Due to the ban on Sweet Chestnut tree imports however, there will be a limited supply of UK grown bareroot Sweet Chestnut trees […]

New Cell Grown Plant Range

Information about Cell Grown Plants We’re excited about our new range of Cell Grown Plants that can be planted all year round and wanted to share some information with you in case you’re not familiar with them. Although Cell Grown Plants have been used all over the world for many years, particularly in North America, […]