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Watering Wisdom: Hedgecare this Summer

watering your hedgeYou’ve selected your plants.  You’ve made the most of the bare root planting season. What’s next?  We’ve some great tips on trimming in our topiary blog as well as guidance for your newly-planted trees and hedging plants.  The wind has been particularly tiresome and brutal this Spring – we’ve a blog about this, too.  But this month, it’s all about watering and trimming, whilst you wait for your feast of fresh Summer foliage.

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How to care for your newly planted trees and hedging

Beyond the bare root season, we should now be thinking about the care and maintenance of any newly planted trees and hedging.  As specialist suppliers of trees and hedging, we’ve pulled together a handy Tree Care Checklist to help you ensure your young plants thrive and flourish this season and for many more to come.

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Hedges and Hedgehogs – Be a Hedgehog Hero

hedgehogs and hedges

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week from 30 April to 6 May 2017, an annual event where the Hedgehog is celebrated, encouraged and heralded.  Our hedgehog community is dwindling and as a supplier of trees and hedging – the perfect habitat and shelter space for our prickly friends – we want to get behind the cause and shout about hedgehogs, too!

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Reducing flood risk by planting trees: Rewilding

There are two main reasons for flooding: heavy rainfall and how land and rivers react to heavy rainfall.   Improving soil structure and drainage through planting and cultivation provides a long-term deterrent to flooding.  Tree cover greatly increases the rate at which rainfall is absorbed by the soil, soaking it up quicker and slowing down the rate by which it flows across the ground, reducing standing water and backflow into rivers.

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Get out there and PLANT! National Gardening Week 10-16 April 2017

Go on – get outside! That’s part of the rousing call that will be heard across the UK as we support National Gardening Week, and RHS campaign to raise awareness of the diversity, richness and cultural value of the UK’s gardens.  The campaign aims to inspire new visitors  – and especially children – to experience and enjoy gardens, gardening, planting and the great outdoors.

Hundreds of events will be held during the week at gardens, museums, community groups and parks across the UK.