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Hedging “most effective” in improving air quality

It’s official. Planting trees and hedging plants is good for the environment! Ok, so we’ve known this for some time.  But the momentum behind recent stories in the media has gathered pace over the past few months, and we’re keen to support any initiative, think tank or research that proves the point!

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Can I apply for a Woodland Creation Grant 2018?

Woodland Creation Grant 2018

If you’re planning to plant woodland on 1 hectare to over 10 hectares, you could be eligible for financial support in the shape of a Woodland Creation Grant!  To help plant more trees and increase woodland cover in England, whilst also helping landowners to diversify their businesses, you can apply NOW.  What are you waiting for?!

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Your Trees and Hedging 2017: Weathering the Weather

Is it that time of year again?  The seasons seem to whizz by at pace.  One minute we’re marvelling at buds and blossoms, the next we’re trimming, strimming and raking up fallen leaves.  Was the weather kind to you and your garden and planting plans this year?  Let’s take a look back through our blogs to see how we weathered the weather!

National Tree Week: 25 Nov-3 Dec 2017

Tree Dressing Day

Always a great celebration of trees old and new, the country is getting ready for another National Tree Week at the end of November.  Running from 25 November to 3 December, this year’s events spread far and wide across the UK and engage families, schools and communities in all that is great about tree planting.

What will YOU plant?


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Trees and hedging by use, characteristic and soil type

There are plenty of reasons to plant young trees or establish a hedge.  With this in mind, we’ve tried to make your quest for the right plants, for the right place, a little easier.  Our Plant Filter Tool helps you do that regardless of whether its trees, hedging or shrubs you’re looking for.  Or, if you know the name, we’ve a simple A-Z list.