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Wind resistant plants and living windbreaks

Wind resistant hedging and trees

If you’ve an exposed garden pocket or a blustery corridor in your landscape, you’ll know the problems wind can cause.  You could erect a costly fenced structure or semi-permeable artificial screen and limit the problem.  OR….you could choose a fully permeable, cost-effective, eye-pleasing alternative – a living windbreak made from wind-resistant trees and hedging.

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Planting Woodland in 3 steps: Plan, Plant and Aftercare

woodland planting

If you’re creating an amenity landscape feature or a new habitat for wildlife, you have to agree – wood, is good.  A woodland, once established, can create a screen to mask any eyesore, building or neighbour.  It can link land or other wooded areas; it can provide shelter and a windbreak to increase crop productivity.  That’s before you even consider the longer term goal of timber production.

You have your reasons to plant.  Decision is made.  Now what?  You have to plan, plant and make sure you consider aftercare.  Here’s how.

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Am I eligible for a woodland grant in 2017?

Involved in the planting, improvement and healthy development of new woodland and forests within the UK?  You could be eligible for a Woodland Creation grant under the Countryside Stewardship schemes supported by the Government.  There’s plenty of options available to those who qualify but you’ll need to complete and submit your application for the available funds by March 1st 2017.  Are you in?

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Plant a prickly hedge: Nature’s best defence against garden crime

There’s no escaping it. Garden crime is on the increase, with thieves targeting rear gardens, sheds, garden furniture, features and even plants themselves. It’s time to tackle the thorny issue and fight back – nature has the best defence against garden crime: PLANT A PRICKLY HEDGE.

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Thundersnow? Protect young plants in any winter conditions


Brace yourselves. Thundersnow is imminent. A weatherbomb is upon us. Batten down the hatches – there’s a lightning blizzard on its way. All scary headlines, but the bottom line for your young plants, trees and hedging in the winter is to minimise damage by choosing the right plants in the first place and being prepared. Even a hard frost or thundersleet, (the wetter, sludgier second cousin of thundersnow) can create havoc if you haven’t thought ahead.