National Tree Week: 25 Nov-3 Dec 2017

Tree Dressing Day

Always a great celebration of trees old and new, the country is getting ready for another National Tree Week at the end of November.  Running from 25 November to 3 December, this year’s events spread far and wide across the UK and engage families, schools and communities in all that is great about tree planting.

What will YOU plant?


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Trees and hedging by use, characteristic and soil type

There are plenty of reasons to plant young trees or establish a hedge.  With this in mind, we’ve tried to make your quest for the right plants, for the right place, a little easier.  Our Plant Filter Tool helps you do that regardless of whether its trees, hedging or shrubs you’re looking for.  Or, if you know the name, we’ve a simple A-Z list.


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Plan to plant: It’s time for bare root planting

Ready to plant in your garden, woodland or estate this Autumn?  Then you’re ready for the bare root season – and so are we!  Buying from an expert like Trees and Hedging, you’ll benefit from the broadest range, the greatest support and guidance to help you select online – and you’ll gain healthy plants, packaged securely, delivered swiftly.

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Choosing dioecious plants – what does it mean?

Whether you use our plant filter or you spot our natty little character icons on each of plants listed on, you may happen across the phrase “dioecious”. But what does it mean?  Let’s try and put you in the picture – and find some plants that fit the bill along the way!

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What if my plants get waterlogged?

British Summertime. Don’t you just love it?! We’ve all seen a deluge of rain this Summer and whilst we were telling you back in June how to keep your new plants well-watered, we’re now looking at ways and means to prevent water damage for waterlogging.  Rain, rain, rain – great for plants in small doses, not great if it’s all day, every day.  But what can you do? This month’s blog gives you some pointers for drainage around your newly-planted hedging and trees.