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Your new bare root plants will be with you soon. What should you look out for when they arrive?

We’ve all been chomping at the bit to get planting this bareroot season.  Once you’ve ordered, your plants are lifted, selected, prepared for despatch and loaded for delivery.  They’ll start landing with you now that our despatching window is open this November.  Your plants from us will be top quality but there’s no harm in checking all […]

Put your best foot forward – how to store your plants over Winter

Whilst you might have the best laid plans for planting, there’s all too often something that throws a spanner in the works.  If you’re ordering bare root trees and hedging this winter and you don’t get to plant them within the 7 days after you receive them, you’re going to have to go to Plan B […]

What really determines the bare root season?

Throughout the horticultural and landscaping industry, we’re always referring to the “bare root season” – that hive of activity in growing and planting that starts in late Autumn and finishes in the Spring – anywhere between November to late April. But what really is the “bare root season”?