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The perfect plants for coastal areas

Your trees and hedging plants survive a myriad of hardships thrown at them by our UK weather conditions.  But, when planting in coastal areas, you have a whole host of other considerations to expect, too.  Don’t be put off though, we’ve got the perfect plants to help!

6 tips to ensure your new plants establish, thrive and flourish

The new planting season is in full throes and whether you’ve received your plants or are thinking about ordering, you might want to run through a little Tree Care Checklist in preparation.   Here are 6 tips to ensure your plants establish, thrive and flourish.

Jobs for the month: June 2013

June is a lovely time in the garden – for most of us, it’s when our gardens look their best. The vegetable plot is bursting at the seams with good things to eat, roses are in full bloom and the flower borders are a mass of colour. All this lush beauty means that there’s still […]