HELP! I’ve missed the bare root planting season

HELP! I’ve missed the bare root planting season Firstly, don’t panic – you’ve got options!  Once bare root plants hit their growing season, the sap rises, the leaves come out and their planting window shuts – they’re busy, growing.  But that’s where cell-grown plants come in!

Hedging for hedgehogs – Hedgehog Awareness Week 2018

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week from 6-12 May 2018, an annual event where the Hedgehog is celebrated, encouraged and heralded.  Our hedgehog community is dwindling and as a supplier of trees and hedging – the perfect habitat and shelter space for our prickly friends – we want to get behind the cause and shout about hedgehogs, […]

Tree guards and shelters: The importance of tree protection

Newly planted and young trees are vulnerable. We lift them from the comfort of their nursery production and then they get planted into another, sometimes hostile, site. This makes it all the more important to plant promptly and protect them from any other onslaught they may encounter, particularly in their first few seasons.  The right […]

Create a Butterfly Haven in your Hedge

A true sign that better weather is just around the corner is the flutterpast of a butterfly’s path.  Fuelling larvae and fully matured butterflies, your hedgerow is a haven for our beautiful winged friends.  Find out how your hedge can help our butterfly and moth population – in some cases, those at most risk of […]

How hard does a hedge work?

In case you’ve forgotten, not only will a hedgerow absorb pollutants, it will give you seasonal, hard-working interest all year round.  Once you’ve planted and established your hedge, you’ll get a lot more than you realise: