Plan to plant: It’s time for bare root planting

Ready to plant in your garden, woodland or estate this Autumn?  Then you’re ready for the bare root season – and so are we!  Buying from an expert like Trees and Hedging, you’ll benefit from the broadest range, the greatest support and guidance to help you select online – and you’ll gain healthy plants, packaged securely, delivered swiftly.

Bring on bare root!

If you’ve held out till season start to order, we’ve a simple checklist below to  to consider before you start adding to your online barrow at  As your friendly online experts in the supply of young bare root trees, hedging plants and planting accessories, you’re already in the right place!

You should be able to find everything you need on our website: we have How To videosFrequently Asked Questions and guides to take you through our order, payment and delivery processes.  If you can’t find the answer online, we’re a phone call or email away – good to know you’ve a team of plant experts at the end of a phone or the click of a mouse, right?

  • Choose bare root plants:   If you’ve been patient and waited for the bare root season, you’re already a winner – you’ve gone for the most cost-effective option. Available anytime from the end of October to the beginning of April – when growth has slowed into dormancy, usually after the first frost –  you have the widest availability of young trees and hedging plants. And with that comes quick establishment, healthy growth and resilience – perfect for successful and sustainable planting in UK weather conditions.
  • Plant with a purpose:   Think autumn colour, think wildlife, think security, think UK native.  A lot to think about, we know – that’s why we’ve written a blog on each of these considerations to help you decide.
  • Filter and refine to find plants to suit:   Our Plant Filter Tool helps you search and filter by use, characteristic, soil type and growth rate.  Once you’ve chosen, fill your online barrow with the plants, accessories and quantities you need, confirm and pay for your order and we’ll do the rest.
  • Choose plant protection: Consider all of your plant protection options – guards, canes and the appropriate Tubex shelters to maximise yields.  There’s all the information you need alongside every plant listed on

What next?

Just one more check…

Check plants on arrival: Make sure plants arrive with moist roots, firm buds , good shape, uniformity and strong, healthy stems.  Once you’ve ordered, your plants are placed in heavy gauge plastic bags and tied securely – so your plants remain protected and intact and roots remain damp whilst en route.

and…bring on the bare root season!

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