Thundersnow? Protect young plants in any winter conditions


Brace yourselves. Thundersnow is imminent. A weatherbomb is upon us. Batten down the hatches – there’s a lightning blizzard on its way. All scary headlines, but the bottom line for your young plants, trees and hedging in the winter is to minimise damage by choosing the right plants in the first place and being prepared. Even a hard frost or thundersleet, (the wetter, sludgier second cousin of thundersnow) can create havoc if you haven’t thought ahead.
Protect young plants, trees and hedging this winter and minimise damage by plant choice and prevention. We’ve picked some of the best ways to help your young plants survive this winter – come wind, rain, snow or frost.


Sensible plant choice

The best plans for a worry-free winter mean choosing the right plants to weather almost any storm – wet, windy or white. Choose hardy plants suited to your region – we’ve a Hardy Heroes list here.

You can search our full range or use our plant filter to find trees, shrubs and hedging by height, growth rate, soil type and other characteristics. Alternatively, there’s always an A-Z plant index to help you, too.


Plant more hedges

Think ahead for future seasons.  An established hedge is an ideal windbreak and snow shelter for your garden and more exposed pockets of land.  Then you can plant the more tender varieties in these more sheltered spots – under the canopies of the bigger trees and hedgerows. The more cover, the more warmth and protection from the elements.

Remember to prune your hedge to taper towards the top to help shield and offer shelter under the wider canopy beneath.



Snow actually insulates, but if it’s a really heavy snowfall, it’s worth shaking off larger trees, shrubs and hedging to avoid any breakage under the burden of snow.

Plan wisely for this winter and future winters and your plants will survive and thrive, whatever the weather…even thundersnow!

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