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It’s cold.  The ground is hard.  It must be SPRING!?!  To herald the official start of spring (and hopefully encourage it to HURRY UP), we’re looking ahead at some hedging husbandry that you should be planning at this time of year.  Both in preparing the ground for your new hedge and tree planting and to allow early establishing plants to thrive and survive, it’s time to weed and succeed!

Why weed?

Quite simply, if you don’t remove unwanted weeds around your planned plants, they’ll be competing with your new hedging and trees – for moisture, for nutrients and for space.  You might also risk unwanted plant pests and diseases passing over from these rogue plants to your own investments.

Preparing to plant

There’s no escaping it, you’ll have to start digging.  Annual weeds like chickweed are best controlled by digging up or pulling them out before they even think of seeding.  For perennial weeds like ground elder and bindweed, their root systems can be tremendously tricky – even the tiniest trace left behind and they’ll be back.  Yes, you’ll weaken it over time, but often chemical control is the only option to eradicate it completely.

If you’re clearing a badly overgrown site, cut all the vegetation back with a strimmer and only spray after new foliage appears.  A little rotivation of the ground won’t hurt – this will hack perennial weed roots into smaller pieces and will make the ground clearer and easier to work with.

Spray away

Weed mat

Working hard: Individual pre-cut polypropylene

To get rid of these perennial returning root systems, use a systemic weedkiller – this will carry its chemical right to the roots to kill it completely.  Now is not the time for spraying – wait till at least the Spring  on a nice, still day.  The last thing you need is a breeze taking any wayward chemical spray onto the plants you want to keep.

Mulch: Working with Weed Mats

A mulch is a loose covering, usually a sheet, of material.  Once you’ve weeded and prepared your soil for planting, you place a mulch – a weed mat – over your freshly cultivated ground.  Having weed matting in place means:

  • Weeds are suppressed
  • Soil retains more moisture in the summer
  • An improvement in soil texture
  • A deterrent to pests and damage
  • A root protection barrier in extreme temperatures
  • A healthy environment for beneficial organisms like insects, bacteria and fungi – all of which help improve the soil condition
  • The surrounding ground looks clean and tidy.
  • Maintaining a thriving butterfly population
Degradable mat

Clean, clear and weed-free: Degradable mat

Your options

Our degradable weed mat options are made from 98% natural jute and wood fibres, with a woven polypropylene backing. The natural jute and wood fibres are biodegradable, whereas the polypropylene backing is photodegradable  – this means it can decompose in sunlight.    Choose mats for individual plants or for linear planting, we’ve matting rolls to suit.

From Trees and Hedging, you can choose your matting option:

You’ve weeded.  You’ve planted.  Remember your guards, stakes and ties and….BRING ON SPRING! Here’s 10% off from your online purchases on Trees and Hedging>>


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