12 Trees for Autumn Colour

The weather has a hint of change about it – so guess what? Autumn is just around the corner.  Your established trees and hedging will be displaying a beautiful array of colour, foliage, bark and berry interest.  But which one should you choose to plant this season to get the perfect combination of autumnal hues?

It’s time to get colourful!

If you’re planning to plant with autumn interest in mind, we’ve put together a little colour palette of our Top 12 autumn beauties for you (though a computer screen has nothing on the real thing, so these are just an indication for you!)

We think we’ve got the autumn colour spectrum covered!  And you don’t need to wait till autumn is fully upon us – you can pre-order now and enjoy a 15% discount.

Name Description Leaf Bark Berry
aspen Aspen – Populus tremula Leaves turn luminous golden yellow before leaf fall, making it one of the best trees for autumn colour yellow grey
bird cherry Bird Cherry – Prunus padus Tooth-edged leaves, sharply pointed turn yellow and orange in autumn, with dark shiny bark and small fruits which ripen to black in late summer orange red dark-grey
field maple Field Maple – Acer campestre Its 5-lobed leaves turn from red to green, before turning bright golden-yellow in autumn, in contrast to its dark grey brown bark yellow dark-grey
hornbeam Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus Oval leaves turn yellow and orange before leaf fall in autumn, with grey and fluted bark orange grey golden
Lombardy Poplar – Populus nigra ‘italica’ Glossy dark green triangular leaves change yellow in autumn. The bark is dark brown and ridged. yellow dark-brown
native black poplar Native Black Poplar – Populus nigra betulifolia Glossy leaves darken to green before turning yellow in autumn. The bark is very dark brown, almost black. yellow-green dark-grey
norway maple Norway Maple – Acer platanoides A handsome, fast growing tree with attractive sharply pointed leaves which turn deep golden yellow in autumn golden rich-green red
red oak Red Oak – Quercus rubra Leaves open bright yellow, becoming green then red in the autumn colour against a smooth and grey bark. red grey
rowan Rowan – Sorbus aucuparia Mid-green leaves turn red in autumn and the bark is smooth, grey-brown. Scarlet-orange berries are quickly eaten by birds. orange-red dark-grey orange
white poplar White Poplar – Populus alba Dark green leaves turn yellow for autumn colour. Smooth white-grey bark yellow-green white-grey
whitebeam Whitebeam – Sorbus aria Glossy green leaves turn in autumn to yellow and brown, against grey bark. orange grey red
wild cherry Wild Cherry – Prunus avium Beautiful red and orange autumnal leaf colour and atractive reddish-brown bark. Round dark red fruits orange-red red red-brown

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    Impressive collection carefully and thoroughly described.

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