A year in trees and hedging 2016

a year in trees and hedging 2016

A year of trees and hedging flies by, right? One minute your heeling in, rolling up your sleeves and planting, the next you’re trimming, thinning and waiting for the new shoots to appear.  So we thought we’d take you through a whistle-stop month-by-month review of our year together.   Who’s looking forward to 2017?! We are!

trees-and-hedgingFrom plants for the harshest of winters to the best of berry-yielding hedgerows, we’ve been with you on your planting journey every step, every season in 2016.  So we thought we’d round all our news and tips up into one snappy calendar for you.

As your go-to hedging guys, we hope you’ve had a successful season in your own garden, farm, field or landscape.   And we’ll be back in 2017 to keep your newly-planted hedgerows and woodland in tip-top shape.  Starting a new hedge? Filling gaps? Building a boundary? Encouraging wildlife? Nurturing nature? We’ve plants, protection and accessories, ready in Lincolnshire to despatch across the UK.

Join us in heralding hedging and making a toast to tree planting for 2017!  Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year and Season from the Trees and Hedging Team.

2016: The Trees and Hedging Calendar

plants for harsh winters

January – Harsh Winters

Wildlife Promo

February – Wildlife Hedging

Horse-friendly Hedging

February – Hedging for Horses


March – Leaf Litter


April – Signs of Spring


May – Bee-friendly

Cell Grown - Roots

June – Cell-grown


July – Your Journey

beech hedge

August – Hedgecare


September – Plant Choice


October – Berries


November – Autumn Colour


November – Checklist

Image: The Tree Council

November – Tree Week


December – Your Journey

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