Am I eligible for a woodland grant in 2017?

Involved in the planting, improvement and healthy development of new woodland and forests within the UK?  You could be eligible for a Woodland Creation grant under the Countryside Stewardship schemes supported by the Government.  There’s plenty of options available to those who qualify but you’ll need to complete and submit your application for the available funds by March 1st 2017.  Are you in?

Do I qualify?

If you’re a farm owner, land manager, farm agent or tenant or involved with a business or public body that owns land then YES.  If so, and your planting plans include the creation of new hedgerows for the enhancement of the wildlife habitat and landscape, you should read on.

What is Countryside Stewardship?

Countryside Stewardship is a Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) grant scheme. It aims to contribute around £900 million over six years to help farmers and woodland managers look after the environment.

Which is my best grant option?

We’ve included the most relevant grants available for hedgerows below, with links for further information on the Government’s website.  There is a new leaflet (see the image below) from the Forestry Commission that steers through your best grant pathway, too, with full details of all grants, their suitability for you and how to apply.

Woodland Grants 2017

Image courtesy of Forestry Commission

Woodland Creation 10 Year Maintenance Payments: for those who have completed their planting under the Woodland Creation grant – £200 a hectare, per year for 10 years

Tree Health Grants (Restoration and Improvement):  A new form will be available from from 24 February.  Funds available for restocking of woodland due to felling because of tree disease.

Woodland Management Plan Grants: Apply all year round via the and soon online through Rural Payments.

Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant: Apply now and before 28 April if you are a farmer or landowner and can demonstrate a need to improve your farmland boundaries.


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