Your new bare root plants will be with you soon. What should you look out for when they arrive?

We’ve all been chomping at the bit to get planting this bareroot season.  Once you’ve ordered, your plants are lifted, selected, prepared for despatch and loaded for delivery.  They’ll start landing with you now that our despatching window is open this November.  Your plants from us will be top quality but there’s no harm in checking all is well when they’ve made the journey from Trees and Hedging HQ to your doorstep.

We only supply the best quality bareroot tree and hedge plants and we’ll carefully transport them from field to door but then, it’s over to you!  Don’t panic, your plants package will also contain our Plant Welfare Guide that comes with your trees or hedging plants.  Follow it to the letter and your plants will continue to grow healthily and thrive once planted.

We all love a checklist, right? Well, there’s one for your new plant delivery,too:

Check your bag

Your plants will be delivered in what’s known as a co-extruded bag – white on the outside, black on the inside.  These keep your plants in the best condition for transit and keep the plants cool – they’re extra thick and reflect heat.  Perfect.

Open your bag

Check the species, height and quantity in your pack – everything you ordered?  Excellent.

Take out your plants

Look at and feel the roots – nice and damp? That’s how we (and your plants) like it!


How would you know? Easy – just gently scrape your fingernail on the bark – if it’s green beneath, you’re good to go.

Almost there…

Check the plant as a whole to make sure no roots or stems have been broken or damaged during transit. All in one piece? Super.

Get planting!

If you’re concerned at any step along the way and within the first seven days after receipt, get in touch and we’ll be on hand to assist.  You should check out our Help and Advice pages for more guidance and How To videos, too.

If you haven’t already ordered, you could take advantage of our online discount right now and get 10% off your order.

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