Begin your bare root season’s journey with us

As we brace ourselves for our seventh bare root season online (and a couple of decades prior as a wholesale supplier of trees and hedging), we thought we’d walk you through a Bareroot Customer’s Journey.  You’ll have your own bare root preparations to consider first: why are you planting, what will you plant, how many will you plant. when will you plant, who will help you plant, what will be your watering, maintenance and weeding programme? Whether you’re at the why, what, when or how many stage, you’re ready to start your bare root plants journey – and that’s where we come in!

Buying bare root plants from Trees and Hedging

The Trees & Hedging Journey

The WHAT: Choose your plants

First you will need to browse or search for the items you would like to order. You can search by keyword, filter by type or category – our search tools are found on nearly every page! Simply click an item of interest, add to your Shopping Barrow, complete the transaction and your journey has begun!

The HOW #1: Supporting you at every step

You should be able to find everything you need on our website: we have How To videosFrequently Asked Questions and guides to take you through our order, payment and delivery processes.  And that’s before you’ve looked through our blog pages – simply bursting with information on planting, pruning, horse-friendly plants and seasonal tips to help you.  If you can’t find the answer online, we’re a phone call or email away – good to know you’ve a team of plant experts at the end of a phone or the click of a mouse, right?

The WHEN: We’re checking your order

Once your account is set up and your order is confirmed, you can track the history of your orders online.  But what’s happening at T&H HQ? Well, we’re processing your order, one of many we handle daily, and preparing to select and source the stock to collate into a delivery, ready to despatch.

The WHICH: Time to select your plants

At the start of every season following lifting and grading, your plants will have been root-dipped in a Broadleaf Root Dip and heeled into a compost bed on site for safe storage throughout the winter. From here, orders can be quickly picked and packaged for despatch. Your order is listed by plant and passed to the nursery and despatch team to select from the beds. Lifting your plants carefully from the soil, our team conduct the first quality checks on your trees and hedging plants before they take their small journey across the yard to get ready for packing and despatch.

The HOW #2: It’s a wrap!

Your plants are now placed into heavy gauge plastic bags – called “co-extruded bags”.  These are white on the outside and black on the inside. These keep your plants in the best condition for transit and keep the plants cool – they’re extra thick and reflect heat. Your packaged plants are then securely tied prior to despatch to ensure the roots remain damp during transport. Perfect.

The Trees & Hedging Journey
The WOOHOO: Good to go!

We use a nationally recognised parcel carrier company to deliver your plants in small parcels. These may arrive either as a single parcel or multiple parcels for one consignment, dependent upon the nature of your order. If it’s a bigger order, these are securely palletised and sent through a national palletline company.

The WHAT NOW: Check your plants and get ready to create a hedgerow or planted area!

Hurrah! Your plants have arrived! Check your package – all good? Open and check the species, height and quantity – everything you ordered? Excellent. Look at and feel the roots – nice and damp? That’s how we (and your plants!) like it. Healthy plants? How would you know? Easy – just gently scrape your fingernail on the bark – if it’s green beneath, you’re good to go – get planting!


Over to you (but we’re still here on the end of that phone or email-click, remember?!). If you’re concerned at any step along the way and within the first seven days after receipt, get in touch and we’ll be on hand to assist.

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