Bee-friendly plants: If you were a bee, what bee would you be?

We’ve gone all poetical on you this month – perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the brighter nights, perhaps it’s the
pollen!  Either way, we’ve got a sweet little poem to help you pick out the perfect bee-friendly plants from our range here at Treesandhedging HQ.

If Wordsworth can enthuse about daffs, why shouldn’t we pen some prose on bee-friendly plants, trees and hedging?!

If you were a bee, what bee would you be?

If you were a bee, what bee would you be?

Would you favour the blossom of a Spring-flowering tree?

Which one would you head for – a fab guelder rose?

The hawthorn with creamy white flowers, I propose.

Or a dogwood with berry and stem colour thrown in.

Imagine the choice! But where to begin?

But why does a bee love a flower in Spring?

I’ll tell you – it’s not just to power his sting.

It’s the protein and carbs from the pollen and nectar

And that’s perfect for bees and their honey detector

The Queen needs it most for a boost to her eggs

She’ll look for top notch – she’ll not want the dregs.

But all bees need flowers to help them survive.

So the more we can plant, the longer they’ll thrive

Choose blackthorn or dog rose or similar shrub

Plant in clusters to attract in a spot that they’ll love

Choose the sunniest patch – just keep it simple

No double flowers remember, bees prefer single.

Ward off the pests, you know what is best

But spray in the evening when the bees are at rest.

So, if I were a bee, I’d make a beeline

To now online!

The bare root season is behind us now but you can stimulate your bee community with cell-grown plants before being able to pre-order bare root plants  over the summer months.  Cell grown varieties are grown in small containers referred to as cells – these cells contain compost into which seeds are sown.

The benefits of cell grown plants include:

  • All year round planting
  • Excellent survival rates
  • Root systems are protected by compost to prevent damage when planting
  • Uniformity allows for ease of planting, even by inexperienced planters
  • Plants will normally grow straightaway after planting

So there’s really no excuse – let’s “bee” ready for spring planting!

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