Keep on giving: The more you plant, the more we donate

FACE children countryside

For every bare root plant* you’ve bought or are going to buy this season, we’ll be giving one penny to help support and educate UK children as they learn to understand and appreciate their UK countryside, farming and the importance of growing in their lives.


We’re donating the funds raised to FACE Farming and Countryside Education, our selected charity this season.

With bare root plants still readily available, the donation coffers continue to grow and we look forward to calculating the final donation sum after the season closes.  Then in the Summer, we’ll be handing over a cheque to FACE which will help them continue to forge forward in raising awareness, education and the importance of growing plants, produce and farming in the UK.

While we wait for the final sum, we’ve been finding out a little more about the invaluable work that FACE does in the UK and who they work with…

Who does FACE work with?

  • Schools – For pupils and teachers, FACE provide everything from resources, advice and support for Regional Education Co-Ordinators to building links with local farmers and the rural industry at large.  They also have a huge pool of training resources available.
  • Farmers – FACE provide seminars and workshops, as well as accreditation and building links between the farms and their local educational establishments.
  • Partners – We’re not the only company that FACE works with.  As a partner and supporter of FACE, we can engage with their organisation, members and other partners, sharing ideas, keeping up with the curriculum and developments in education.  It’s also a great platform to promote trees and hedging to schools and partner organisations.
  • Government – FACE are involved with a wide-ranging selection of committees and groups that help to change and develop policies within the government sector for the greater good of farming and countryside education.
  • Media – FACE continue to raise the profile of the importance of farming and the countryside in the media, promoting their programmes, news and stories across the farming, agricultural and consumer media.

Feeling inspired and want to give more? Visit the FACE website and donate here and if you’re feeling social – they’re on Twitter,Facebook and Youtube, too!

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