Care for a conifer? National Conifer Week 26 Sep-3 Oct

National Conifer Week is celebrated and supported by the garden industry from 26 September to 3 October 2015 – but what’s so special about conifers?

A conifer has plenty of plus points – it has great structural shape and form, plenty of lush foliage all year round and can provide an instant impact in your garden planting plans.  Add in the fact that each conifer variety brings something new in terms of shape and colour, and it’s easy to see why your garden wouldn’t be complete without a little conifer consideration.

They’re versatile too.  Perfect in a pot or ideal for a flourishing hedge, conifers work well as a backdrop to other planting or on their own, standing proud.  Great for borders, too!

So, if it’s low maintenance and high impact you’re after, choose conifers.  And look – we’ve got your favourites covered.

Fir - Abies

Fir – Abies

Larch - Larix

Larch – Larix

Pine - Pinus

Pine – Pinus

Red Cedar - Thuja

Red Cedar – Thuja

Spruce - Picea

Spruce – Picea

Yew - Taxus

Yew – Taxus

The Horticultural Trades Association have nominated the Conifer as Plant of the Month for October – now we know why!  You can pre-order your conifers for mid-November delivery and we’ll give you 15% off your order.

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