Cell grown plants: Explained

Available all year round, our cell grown plants really come into their own at this time of year.  If you can plan and plant in the bare root season, bare root plants are still the more cost-effective option – but what if you’re eager to plant now?  You still can, thanks to the availability of cell grown plants.  But what are they?

What are cell grown plants?

You’ve guessed it.  They’re plants grown in cells.  But it’s more than that. Cells are small containers with a small amount of compost into which seeds are sown.  The rich compost protects the new growing root system so when it’s planted, it stays cushioned and moist.  This helps the plant establish itself quickly and enjoy higher-than-most success rates.

How do I plant them?

It’s really easy.  Because of the compact size and uniformity of your cell grown plants, you can dig a small hole and plant easily.  You’re safe in the knowledge that the cell grown plant’s own compost is protecting the roots, so you can plop him in.  And better still, you can plant them all year round – at a time to suit you!

Why do they establish so well?

Thanks to the compost!  The precious root systems remain intact when handled and planted.  This means their fine fibrous feeding roots are sent out with the plant.  And this means quick establishment as soon as its planted.  Bring on your tree or hedge!

What’s the provenance of the Cell Grown Plants from Trees and Hedging?

All of our Cell Grown Plants are from British seed sources of known provenance.

What sizes do they come in?

All of our Cell Grown Plants are a minimum of 20-40cm in height and are protected after lifting to ensure safe transit and optimum delivery conditions.

What plants are available?

There is a wide range of trees, hedges and shrubs including copper beech, common alder, black/hawthorn, bird cherry, cotoneaster, crab apple, field maple and cherry plum.  Availability does vary from season to season so please visit the Cell Grown section of our website for more information.  You can refine by growth rate and cell type with our filter on the left of the section, too.

Cell grown plants – in summary

If you’re looking for a great summer hedging solution, it’s going to be cell grown.  To sum up, cell grown plants give you:

    • All year round planting
    • Excellent survival rates
    • A protected root system to prevent damage when planting
    • Uniformity allowing for ease of planting, even by inexperienced planters
    • Plants will normally grow straightaway after planting

Now, where can I get me some?! >>>>

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