Choosing trees and hedging | Where do I start?

time for topiary

Trees and hedging options are limitless – they provide a backdrop, a boundary, a statement, a canopy, a habitat, a natural link.  And that’s without even considering all their health benefits and the sheer beauty of a well-planted hedge or their flowers, berries and ever-changing foliage.  So, what should you think about when deciding to plant?

thinknative British native tree species occur naturally in the British landscape and have done for thousands of years.  When you’re considering your tree species, consider that native trees thrive and flourish in their natural habitat and you’ll be maintaining our British natural character across your landscape, too.

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thinkspace Don’t just think about where you’re planting and what your trees and hedging will look like now.  You’ll need to think ahead for two, five, ten years and beyond.  So consider how fast your trees and hedging choices will grow.

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thinkpurpose Planting a horse-friendly boundary?  Want to encourage wildlife? Looking for a low maintenance screening option?  You can choose a variety to suit depending on a number of characteristics to fit your planting purpose.

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thinksoil You want to give your new plants the best chance of thriving, whatever the soil type you’re planting in.  Your plant choice should also consider the type of soil and the conditions under which you’ll be planting.

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thinkbeauty You’re after a beautiful bark in Winter, colour in Autumn, flowers in Spring or fruit in Summer.  Or all of these? Choose to suit – there’s a variety to fit the bill.

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We’re here to help you choose, whatever you need to plant your trees and hedging this season. Visit us online and use our plant filter to drill down to the perfect variety for your planting project. And if you hurry, you can still make the most of our 15% discount for pre-ordering for November delivery.  Can’t wait? Then choose your cell grown varieties now.

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