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If you’re considering planting a hedgerow, copse or thicket or even a handful of trees in your garden, you’ll get a whole lot more than all year round beauty and boundary.  With our GO WILD offer, spend over £100 and you’ll get delivery of your trees and hedging – for free*!   Want more?!

The easiest option?

Add a WILDLIFE HEDGEROW PACK to your order – we’ve assembled the best wildlife-friendly options for you and thrown in a free pack of Rootgrow, too!

wildlife hedgerow2Simply by ordering any of our options of trees and hedging plants, you’ll be creating a haven for wildlife – a wildlife corridor – vital for birds, small mammals throughout the winter.  You’ll be preparing links between habitats, providing shelter, food and protection from the elements for our furry and feathery friends.  The bees and butterflies will thank you in the warmer months, too – and if you choose native plants, you’ll gain a far greater variety of wild visitors than any imported counterparts.

Are you ready to Go Wild?!

We’re giving your planting plans a boost with our special offer this month.  Use the promotional code WILD16 online when you’ve selected over £100 of plants at www.treesandhedging.co.uk and we’ll throw in Free Delivery* – GO WILD!

Create your Wildlife Corridor

Our Great British Hedgerow provides four vital elements for our fauna – as well as keeping boundaries, protecting crops and improving our natural environment with flower, foliage and colour.

Here’s just a snapshot of all that’s wrapped up in a British hedgerow:

  • Shelter:  For wildlife, hedgerows link small woods and create nature’s corridors – a safe haven and great cover for pheasants and partridges to disperse around farms.
  • Food:  Likewise, birds, insects and small mammals thrive on the sustenance from berries and foliage in their native hedgerows.
  • Pest Control:  Hedging acts as an overwinter hotel for predatory insects which can move into crops in the spring when aphid numbers start to increase.  Their barrier effect helps restrain wind-borne pests, too.
  • Pollination:   Insects, particularly bumblebees, need hedge banks and their benefits for crop pollination are legendary!

Filter-toolHelp me choose!

Of course!  We’ve a nifty trees and hedging selector.  Simply go to the Plant Filter Tool on the homepage to get started – then choose your characteristics, soil, use or growth rate.  Try “Fruits and Berries” for a full selection of our picks for a bevvy of berry, perfect for wildlife.

*GO WILD: Wildlife Promotion: WILD16 promotional code is valid for all orders over £100 (inc VAT and delivery) placed from 1-29  February 2016 and will reduce your online basket by £4.96 (=free delivery).  This applies to deliveries to UK Mainland addresses only.  Non-UK mainland delivery addresses may still use the WILD16 promotional code – £4.96 discount will be deducted from your delivery but additional charges will still apply.  Any other current online offers on www.treesandhedging.co.uk are unaffected.


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