Get creative with watering – keep your new (and old) tree and hedge plants refreshed this Summer

Water recycling gardeningGive your new plants the best start in life  – and keep those established favourites flourishing, too.  Some old school (and new) ideas to make the most of prolonged dry spells for your hedging plants.

Get creative with water use and you can make it go a long way in your planting regime. Here’s a few of our favourite tips to get you started…

  • Use water sparingly and give special focus to new seedlings, perennials, trees or shrubs – these won’t yet have a strong enough root system to work the water up from lower in the soil
  • Larger plants will need more water for longer as it’s got further to go to support their growth at the top!
  • Collect water whenever the heavens open – buy a water butt but remember, don’t use this water for your seedlings as any fungal content could be damaging for very young plants.
  • It’s not just rainfall you can use – leftover “grey water” from baths and showers can also be reused for watering – just don’t use if it’s full of bubble bath or other bath or hair products.
  • Before you sling out your old washing-up water, you could use that for watering too – just open the kitchen door and give those containers a drink – light soapy water won’t hurt and will help fend off greenfly, too.
  • If you’ve some new planting, remember to fill your newly dug hole to the top with water, let it drain away and then pop in your plant.  A handy little reservoir of moisture for your new plant if there’s a dry spell on the cards.
  • Mulch, mulch, MULCH!  Mulches help to conserve moisture in the soil, but only if the soil is moist when applied – wait for a downpour then mulch away!
  • Enjoyed a proper cup of tea from the pot?  Hydrangeas, camellias and rhododendrons love watery tealeaf dregs – a touch of slightly acidic moisture to bring on some beautiful flowers.
  • Don’t forget your water-storing granules and feeds – whether you’re planting Cell Grown Plants all year round or bareroot plants from November to April, give them the best possible start by using Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi to enhance their root systems and Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules to reduce watering frequency by up to 75%.


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