What really determines the bare root season?

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Throughout the horticultural and landscaping industry, we’re always referring to the “bare root season” – that hive of activity in growing and planting that starts in late Autumn and finishes in the Spring – anywhere between November to late April.

But what really is the “bare root season”?

Is it too late? Can we still plant? Well, the bare root season often runs well into April, depending on the temperatures and weather conditions.  Up until the point when the temperatures have climbed and plants are really in the full flushes of new growth, bare root is still the most cost-effective way of planting up your garden hedge or tree.

There is no exact date we can use – it’s all about warmth and the rising sap in tree growth.  But it can often extend well into April (and start in November) even if some of the hedging is just coming into leaf bud (see the screenshot from one of our Youtube “How To” series above).  You must make the most of dry weather and an elongated bare root season as it brings with it some of the most perfect planting conditions.

Hawthorn hedgingIt’s true, as we reach the middle of April, there are less  varieties remaining available than back at the beginning of the season but more common lines such as Hawthorn hedging or Silver Birch trees are usually still readily available.

Realistically, it is only when plants are in FULL LEAF that we say farewell to the bare root season and herald spring.  But that doesn’t mean you need to put your boots and forks away, as cell-grown plants are available in a wide range of species.  This means you can continue to plant up hedges and supplement with shrub planting all spring and summer long!

So, until the warm weather really takes hold, it’s not too late to plant bare root – and our end of season sale is now on with up to 20% off selected lines.  Let’s make the most of this season!

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2 Responses to “What really determines the bare root season?”

  1. Sandy says:

    I have just bought clearance bare root trees that haven’t broken bud ( mid May).If I plant now will they remain dormant til next spring?

    • Trees & Hedging Team says:

      If they are currently “heeled in” we would recommend leaving them and plant next planting season (Nov-April). If they are still in the bag then I would plant ASAP and they may show signs of life within a few weeks or remain dormant until the spring. Regards, The Trees & Hedging Team

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