June is bustin’ out all over!

It’s June. It’s a mixture of late Spring and early Summer (in fact, some days it feels like Autumn!). As well as being the perfect time for pruning established and mature hedging (see our recent blog piece), there are plenty of garden spruce-up jobs you can roll your sleeves up for this month.

Let’s take a look…




This month is all about trimming, watering and waiting for a feast of fresh Summer foliage. We’ve some great tips on trimming in our topiary blog and some guidance for your newly-planted trees and hedging plants, plus this watering checklist for you to add to your June gardening regime, too.

  • Use water sparingly but give special focus to new seedlings, perennials, trees and shrubs as their roots won’t yet be strong enough to search out water from lower in the soil
  • Collect and reuse as much water as you can – whether it’s rainfall in a water butt or “grey water” from baths, showers or washing up. Lightly soapy water won’t hurt and might even help to fend off greenfly.
  • When you’re planting your cell grown plants, available all year round, fill your newly dug hole to the top and let it drain before popping in your plant – this gives a little reservoir of moisture for your new plant in case of a dry spell.
  • Keep the soil most with a mulch and give your cell-grown plants the best possible start with using Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi to enhance their root systems and Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules to reduce watering frequency by up to 75%.


Remove any dead-heads and cut back early flowering plants – this will increase your chances of a late flower boost. Get cuttings of pinks and rock roses and divide any flowering perennials and share around your garden. June is the ideal time for spraying your roses against black spot and mildew, too.



Thin out overcrowded crop rows and stake runner beans. It’s the perfect time for planting sprouts, cauliflowers, leeks, tomatoes and marrows. Dust cabbage and carrots for root fly if you spot it and get your late potatoes earthed up this month.

And if that doesn’t keep you busy this June, there are a whole host of events around the country to whet your gardening appetite – take a look at our calendar.

What are you waiting for?! June is bustin’ out all over!

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