How hard does a hedge work?

Hampton Court Maze

In case you’ve forgotten, not only will a hedgerow absorb pollutants, it will give you seasonal, hard-working interest all year round.  Once you’ve planted and established your hedge, you’ll get a lot more than you realise:

Your hedge: Working hard, all year round

  • Filtering out pollution:  Recent studies show that evergreen and deciduous hedging are the best plants to combat and reduce pollutants at the roadside.  Read more>>
  • Noise barrier:  Prevent refracted noise from buildings, roads and pavements by using your hedge as a noise blocker.  Space to avoid  gaps and plant densely.
    Wind Protection: A shelterbelt of hedging provides a protective barrier for stock and crops, cutting down wind speed, and helping prevent erosion
  • Pest Control:  Hedging acts as an overwinter hotel for predatory insects which can move into crops in the spring when aphid numbers start to increase.  Their barrier effect helps restrain windborne pests, too.
  • Shelter:  Hedgerows create natural wildlife corridors, linking small woods and creating safe havens and cover for birds and small mammals to disperse around farms.
  • Food:  Likewise, birds, insects and small mammals thrive on the sustenance from berries and foliage in their native hedgerows.
  • Pollination:   Insects love a hedge! Particularly bumblebees who thrive on hedge banks and their benefits for crop pollination.

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