Jobs for the month: July 2013

We have decided that it’s time to refresh our Jobs for the Month feature, so this is a mini version until we’re in a position to unveil our new, improved version!

Trees and hedging:

Check tree ties, stakes and guards to make sure that they’re not damaging the plants; remove any that are no longer necessary.

Prune Philadelphus (Mock Orange) as soon as it’s finished flowering. It produces the best flowers on new shoots, so take out at least one-third of the flowers shoots close to the ground each year.

Trim hedges, but check carefully for nesting birds before you begin. The hedge should be cut so that it is slightly wider at the base than the top; this not only looks more attractive, it allows good light to the whole hedge, keeping it healthy.

Remember to keep newly planted trees and hedging plants well watered and weed free for the first year after planting to encourage good growth.

You can continue to plant cell grown trees and hedges all year round.  You can reduce your watering frequency by adding some Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules to the planting hole.



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