March / April can still be great times of the year for planting out your bareroot trees and hedging

We are often asked at this time of year “Is it too late?” …”No” is our reply.

The bareroot season often runs well into April and it is still the most cost effective way of planting up that lovely garden hedge or tree.

tree-weekThe recent dry weather has brought about perfect planting conditions in some areas, allowing you to be able to work the land in preparation for planting.

You may find that the choice of bareroot plants at this end of the season is less than at the beginning (November) especially if a particular plant has been popular or is less common and has sold out, but the more common lines, such as Hawthorn for hedging and Silver Birch for trees are regularly available as they are planned for and grown in larger quantities.

It’s only when plants are starting to come into full leaf that we would bring the selling of bareroot plants to a close. Luckily though we can offer a wide range of Cell-Grown Plants now once the bareroot season is over.

Cell-Grown still allows you to plant up hedges or shrubs throughout the spring and summer without having to go to the expense of buying containerised if you are happy to start off with the smaller plant.

For more information on the benefits of Cell-Grown plants follow this link.

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