Meet the team: Reggie and Rita Robin

Featuring in our Meet the Team blog are our resident robin redbreasts, Reggie and Rita.  Reggie has been visiting our dispatch shed for the last two seasons but this year, he also brought along his new-found partner, Rita.

Let’s find out what the pair have been up to this Winter!

Reggie and Rita have become best of friends with our dispatch team this year.  They greet them outside the shed doors each morning and are cute enough to recognise when coffee breaks start, hovering in the hope of catching a crumb or two.  The dispatch crew have been saving worms for them, too, which they sometimes find when digging a trench to heal in some plants or if they are lifting to pick for an order.

Some female robins will have visited warmer climes to find a mate by this time of year, but not our Rita.  As one of the few species that sing all year round and Reggie can often be heard cheeping away, declaring and defending their territory (and asking for worms, too!) but now that Rita has paired up with Reggie, she’s happy to let him sing his song.

Keiron, our Nursery Foreman, says he is seeing them slightly less now and normally does not see them in the spring and summer.  It’s likely they are still in the vicinity, but search over a wider area for food in the warmer months.  We wonder where they go….perhaps you know?!


What part do you play in the T&H team?

We are the resident Robins and keep the dispatch team company in the winter months at T&H.

Where is your main focus at this time of year, when the team are at their busiest and so are their customers, planting bare-root trees and hedging?

We like to make sure all the paperwork is in order, as well as checking pallets and supervising.  We make sure the dispatch team open up the sheds on time and tidy up their crumbs after teabreaks!

Everyone has a favourite part of their job – what’s yours?

Eating crumbs, finding worms and singing.

When you’re not busy dispatching at T&H, how do you kick back and relax?

We’re planning to start a family soon so we’ll be looking for a safe nesting spot.  We’ll keep you posted of our progress!

Thanks Reggie and Rita.  We’d like to share more stories about our robins with you, so please keep up with our blog or follow us on Twitter @Treesandhedging, Facebook or Google+.

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