Meet the team: Zoe Henderson, Personnel Director

Next in the Meet the Team spotlight is Zoe Henderson, our Personnel Director.

As well as managing training, personal development and recruitment at T&H, she also scrutinizes all operational processes to ensure things run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Let’s find out more…

What part do you play in the T&H team?

My role has developed over the 9 years I have been involved with the family business.  I come from a background in human resources and training, initially gained in Catering.  At T&H, I support the team, its development and the streamlining of business processes across all functions.

Where does your main focus lie?

Although our business is focused on the supply of plants into the natural environment, there is a whole host of technology behind the nature!  Structure and training is vital to the smooth and effective running of our online business.  My main focus this year has been on developing in-house training mechanisms so that any one joining the company has the back-up they need to be able to deliver good service to our customers.

Everyone has a favourite part of their job – what’s yours?

There’s nothing more rewarding than identifying standards and then training a team to meet and exceed those standards.  This is the most fulfilling part of my working week and I relish every opportunity towork with our great team, which is growing again this year – more exciting times ahead!

jiveWhen you’re not busy dispatching at T&H, how do you kick back and relax?

I love spending time with the two men in my life…. my son and my husband.  I’m also an amateur kitchen gardener, keeper of chickens and must confess to a passion for the Modern Jive….!

Can’t wait to see who’s next?! You can always find out a little more about the company by visiting our About Us page, too.

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