HELP! I’ve missed the bare root planting season

HELP! I’ve missed the bare root planting season

Firstly, don’t panic – you’ve got options!  Once bare root plants hit their growing season, the sap rises, the leaves come out and their planting window shuts – they’re busy, growing.  But that’s where cell-grown plants come in!

What are cell grown plants?

Cell grown plants are plants that are grown in small containers referred to as cells – these cells contain compost into which seeds are sown.

Cell-grown Plants: Explained

Once our bare root season ends (usually running anywhere from late October to late May), we switch to cell-grown mode – but we also keep the engines running for bare root orders in preparation for the next bare root season, so you can pre-order to get ahead.

With cell grown plants, you get everything you get from bare root plants, with the added bonus of year-long availability. So that’s…

  • All year round planting
  • Excellent survival rates
  • Root systems are protected by compost to prevent damage when planting
  • Uniformity – allows for ease of planting with little plant experience required
  • Plants will normally grow straight away after planting

Here’s a little more to whet your cell-grown appetite: Cell-grown plants: Explained

Are you a bare root buddy?

If it’s bare root or nothing, you can pre-order – and you’ll get a 15% discount for doing so,.  We’ve been taking pre-orders since the beginning of June and will continue to do throughout the summer.

Can’t wait – give me cell-grown!

That’s fine – you’re still getting super plants for your woodland, hedging and garden plans but, like strawberries that you buy in Winter, out of season, they’re a little more expensive.  But just as strong, healthy and with excellent survival rates, just like bare root.  Availability does vary from season to season so please visit the Cell Grown section of our website for more information.  You can refine by growth rate and cell type with our filter on the left of the section, too.

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