Plant a prickly hedge: Nature’s best defence against garden crime

There’s no escaping it. Garden crime is on the increase, with thieves targeting rear gardens, sheds, garden furniture, features and even plants themselves. It’s time to tackle the thorny issue and fight back – nature has the best defence against garden crime: PLANT A PRICKLY HEDGE.

Prickly Plants for a Secure Boundary

You’ll be fending off intruders in no time – with a stunning hedgerow of berries, foliage and flowers throughout the year as a bonus!

Begin your quest for garden security this month – it’s time to GET PRICKLY.

Prickly Plants

Prickly plants have been used for centuries as formidable defensive barriers. Marking a field or garden boundary, penning in livestock or as an added natural barrier on existing fencing or walls to prevent graffiti or access. A little patience is needed as your new prickly defender grows and thickens but when established, your natural barrier will be the most effective and impenetrable security guard. Criminals really don’t like climbing through prickles or thorns – they know the smallest clothing rip or bloodspot can give them away.

Grown as low hedging, over walls, along fences or as taller hedges along access points, our perfect prickly partners for garden security are:

Holly Ilex Aquifolium
Holly Ilex Aquifolium
Berberis Green Berberis Thunbergii (Green) Berberis thunbergii Green
Berberis Purple Berberis Thun
bergii (Purple)
Berberis thunbergii Purple
Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn
Sea Buckthorn Hippophae Rhamnoides Hippophae Rhamnoides Sea Buckthorn
Blackthorn Prunus Spinosa Prunus spinosa Blackthorn
Dog Rose Rosa Canina Rosa canina Dog Rose
Field Rose Rosa Arvensis Rosa arvensis Field Rose
Sweet Briar Rose Rosa Rubignosa Rosa rubignosa Sweet Briar Rose

Stay Secure

Police statistics indicate that the most likely items stolen from UK gardens are mowers, strimmers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, garden furniture and plants. Whilst your prickly plants are busy carrying out your security orders to the best of their natural ability, you can also look at other steps to minimise access to your property by unwanted intruders.

Garden Security Checklist

  1. Lock your shed – don’t make it easy!
  2. Mark all garden equipment – easier to trace, less attractive to take
  3. Lighting – keep it light and bright, whether it’s timed, manual or sensor-activated.
  4. Plant Pots – the heavier, the better. Secure with wire and pegs around rootballs, bolt to patios and plant in view of your house or your neighbours.
  5. Gravel Paths – thieves don’t like to be heard. Make their approach noisy and you get an early alert system!
  6. Water Feature – not only will this look great, it can be positioned as a difficult obstacle to overcome from outer boundaries
  7. Front Garden – keep boundaries and fencing low to allow natural surveillance – plant a low-growing hedge, prickly or otherwise.
  8. Rear Garden – make sure all boundaries and gates are secure and add your prickly hedging plants along existing fencing or create your own
  9. Garden Furniture – make sure all furniture is marked and secured with a bolt or put away. Take photos for identification and traceability.
  10. Defensive planting – you read the first half of this blog, right?! GET PRICKLY!

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