Trees and hedging by use, characteristic and soil type

There are plenty of reasons to plant young trees or establish a hedge.  With this in mind, we’ve tried to make your quest for the right plants, for the right place, a little easier.  Our Plant Filter Tool helps you do that regardless of whether its trees, hedging or shrubs you’re looking for.  Or, if you know the name, we’ve a simple A-Z list.



Search and Filter: Which plants should I choose?

What next? Well, you’ll need to consider your soil type, why you’re planting, what sort of plants your looking for and how fast you’re expecting them to grow.  Thankfully, that’s how our Filter Tool works.  You can choose by USE, CHARACTERISTIC, SOIL TYPE and GROWTH RATE.   And we’ve added some new characteristics to help you find the most frequently-asked-for plant solutions (or go to the Filter in its full glory)

Autumn-Interest Evergreen Flower-interest
Native Wildlife-interest
horse-friendly wind-resistant prickly


Start your search today.  Visit for trees, shrubs, hedging and planting accessories – just the job.

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