Signs of Spring: How your woodlands and hedgerows welcome the new season

The clocks have gone forward so it must be spring, right? Fields are full of lambs, a most welcome sign and a host of golden daffodils have burst into our gardens and verges, making a spring display that would inspire Wordsworth for evermore.  But how do our woodlands and hedgerows celebrate spring?

When you’re outside, it’s probably pretty obvious that spring is here but in case you miss some pointers, we’ve pinned down a few seasonal particulars that are key in our Trees and Hedging calendar.

Bluebell woods

An enriched woodland soil, perfect for bluebells, has been lovingly created by nature over many years from layers and layers of leaf litter (we blogged about this last month). Keep planting woodland trees and let nature do the rest! There are 1300 bluebell woods in the UK and, thanks to the National Trust, you can find one in your region to visit this spring – find a bluebell wood near you.


If you’ve chosen some of these species in the past, your garden and planted areas will soon be awash with blossom and flower. Start petal-planning now and give your blossom a boost – here’s a few for starters:


Who loves blossom and flowers? Bees! Select your plants with bees in mind and browse by flower interest.


Listen… that’s our winged wildlife enjoying the first flush of spring.  And if you’ve planted trees and hedgerows, they’ll be just on your doorstep.  If planting to encourage our feathered friends, you’ll want berries in the autumn – and there’s plenty to choose from. Browse trees, hedging and shrubs for fruit and berry interest.

rabbit hareBunnies and hares

Cute though they may be, the arrival of the new and hungry rabbit, hare, deer, vole and mice populations in the spring means it’s vital to choose protection when planting bare root stock.  Tree guards should be of a minimum height of 60cm to keep rabbits at bay and 75cm to protect against damage from hares.  We’ve a Plant Protection tab on each of our product pages to guide you in your choice from our full selection of tree protection and accessories.

Brighter evenings

Longer days, later nights… more time for planting! The bare root season lasts well into April so make sure you benefit from this most cost-effective form of purchasing plants this spring.

We’re fully briefed – bring on the spring!

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