Time for T: Timely treecare tactics to tackle

The bare root season has kicked off at Trees and Hedging HQ so get your planting plans and place your orders – we’re in full despatching swing!

So, it’s Time for T – some Timely Treecare Tactics, all beginning with T to help you remember to tackle them all this Winter.

Tidy Make sure your trees and shrubs are pruned to improve the shape, remove dead or damaged wood, or to encourage flowering and fruiting.

Timing Summer tree pruning restricts or slows down growth because it removes branches in full leaf; winter pruning encourages growth.

Tools Before you start pruning, make sure that you have the correct equipment. Secateurs are great for smaller branches up to 1.5cm across but you’ll need loppers for larger branches, up to about 3cm. And if the loppers can’t cope? Use a folding pruning saw for the biggest branch cutbacks.

Trim To ensure maximum light and air can get to all the branches, begin taking out unwanted wood close to the point where it grows from the main branch.  Keep cuts as clean as possible and slope away from the main branch so that water runs off.  This helps prevent any rotting to the main branch.

Test Stand back and look at your work regularly.

Tea Yep, you’ve earned it.  And whilst you sip, start planning for planting.  The winter might not be the busiest time for hedge trimming, it’s absolutely the best time for hedge and tree planting.  So, start choosing which variety is best – we’ve a plant filter for that – and we’ll give you 10% discount when you order online.



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