Tree guards and shelters: The importance of tree protection

Newly planted and young trees are vulnerable. We lift them from the comfort of their nursery production and then they get planted into another, sometimes hostile, site. This makes it all the more important to plant promptly and protect them from any other onslaught they may encounter, particularly in their first few seasons.  The right protection is essential to ensure successful establishment but which type should you choose? Read on….

Protect your newly-planted trees and hedging

Tubex is the UK’s leading producer of tree shelters to enhance growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.  Their tubes, shelters, guards and meshes are widely used by estate managers, farmers and landscapers to promote successful establishment of young trees and shrubs.  We’ve a separate blog on caring for your new plants in general, too – it’s more than just plant protection:  How to care for your newly planted plants

Boost your tree growth

Your newly planted trees and hedging plants thrive in quality tree protection. The “microclimate” within the tube helps to promote quicker, healthier growth, whilst protecting young trees from predators, herbicides and generally inhospitable environmental conditions. With the emphasis on “quality”, that’s why the the team at Trees and Hedging chooses to supply TUBEX trees and hedging protection options.

What is a microclimate?

Sounds a bit techy, but really, it isn’t.  A microclimate is the just the immediate environment on a small scale area such as your garden, a park or a section of open space.  All these little climate pockets make up the wider microclimates of villages, forests, towns and cities.

Helping your new plants to maximise growth

Using tree protection has been found to significantly accelerate the growth of the tree. This is because the shelter provides an ideal microclimate and perfect plant growth conditions through the control of temperature, levels of carbon dioxide and moisture, as well as light spectrum and intensity. These are all important factors in the key processes of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration – the lifeblood of healthy plant growth

A little bit of science

A healthy balance between these different processes – photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration – is vital for the promotion of good, strong growth, especially for a young tree. Left to its own devices a tree will manage its own balance between photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration by slowing down its growth. For example, if a tree’s photosynthesis rate is high but its respiration rate is not high enough the plant will either slow down or pause its growth to allow itself to maintain balance.

Let your new plants flourish

During healthy and balanced growth a tree or hedging plant will allocate its available resources – water, light, nutrients – to all its cells as it responds to its environment. That’s why we can gauge how well a plant is growing and establishing by looking at its new shoots, stem diameter and root development. There has been research on Prunus Avium has shows that trees shelters help to maintain an excellent balance between tree height and stem diameter within the shelter – and this is sustained for many years after the tree has emerged from the tube.

Better survival rates

A shelter’s microclimate helps to create the required balance by providing warmth, varying levels of moisture and CO2, reduced air movement and modified light. This ensures faster establishment, better survival rates and root protection – and what does that mean?  You can plant fewer, smaller trees which will make your hedgerow and woodland planting much more cost-effective overall.

Added protection benefits

But wait – it’s not just science at work in your little protective haven of shelter.  It’s basic protection too.  Not only will a shelter or guard help protect a young tree from foraging animals, such as deer or rabbits, but it will also protect it against herbicides and mechanical maintenance methods.  You can’t miss them so they’re easier to find and look after – another win by reducing your overall aftercare time and effort.

Which plant protection is right for me?

Glad you asked.  We can help!


Tubex Combitube

Tubex Combitubes are the ideal plant protection product for more exposed sites

 Tubex Easywraps

Tubex Easywraps provide a microclimate conducive to better growth and survival rates

Tubex Ecostart

Tubex Ecostarts are the most economical solution for rapid hedgerow and woodland establishment.

Tubex Shrub Shelters

Tubex shrub shelters provide protection from herbicide during spraying, whilst also preventing against animal damage

Tubex Tree Shelter

Tubex tree shelters are the most popular option for plant protection

Tubex Fruitwrap

Tubex Fruitwraps can be neatly & quickly wrapped around a small whip plant, with room for expansion as the plant grows

There are also options to protect from strimming with our Premium Strimming Guards and the smaller vole protection option of Tubex Vole Guards.  For the full selection of plant protection and accessories, including stakes and ties, visit the Accessories section at


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