Plant more trees – it could help stop future flooding ……

Somerset Floods 2014

It is heart breaking to see the devastation, but hopefully out of this flooding catastrophe the government will implement changes to help stop this from happening again… some of the changes that are being called for by professionals include planting more trees.

Source: BBC News


Eric Pickles, Community Secretary, noted in the Houses of Parliament recently that “tree planting could be part of a long term solution to flooding”.

Austin Brady, Woodland Trust Director of Conservation has issued his thoughts on the Woodland Trust website and this article is definitely worth a read, making a huge amount of sense – Read More “Trees can play a vital role in long term solution to flooding woes”  

“There is a growing body of evidence which shows that, planted in the right places in water catchments, on floodplains, on upland areas, and along riverbanks, trees have a vital role to play in the long term management of water. We are already working on a number of schemes across the UK with partners including the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission.” quotes Austin Brady

Here at we are delighted to hear others talking up the planting of trees and hedges too, but we have always known that Britain has one of the lowest tree land mass coverages of Europe so the need for tree planting to be maintained for the future of our children has always been in the upper most of our minds.

Sadly the damage to land and homes comes as another huge reminder of the need to keep planting trees.

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