Trees – the “green lungs” of our planet

Breathing…oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Remember this from your schooldays?  Without our lungs, we simply couldn’t survive. And likewise, without trees, the green lungs of our planet, we’d struggle to breath.

Trees help our planet turn carbon dioxide into the cleanest, purest oxygen – they’re like our very own air conditioning system. With this continuous carbon cycle, our forests are continuously replenishing wildlife habitats, creating important raw materials and keeping the climate in check.

man-breathingOnly 20 years ago, a third of the Earth’s land was forest. We’re now down to about a quarter. Who needs to plant more trees? We do!

The fact that you’re reading our Trees and Hedging blog means you’re keen to learn more about planting – hooray! But if you need a little more convincing, we’ve a little list to help you take the planting plunge this season (and there are plenty more!):


  1. Trees clean the air – their leaves and bark absorb pollutants, filtering the air. In a year, one acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.
  2. Trees are beautiful – wouldn’t you rather meander through woodland with a shady canopy than a vast open space with no character, variety or beauty?
  3. Trees improve health – A view from a patient’s window that is green, lush and full of trees helps them heal faster. Increased exposure to trees and the natural environment helps concentration and reduces fatigue.
  4. Trees keep their cool – Creating a shady canopy, trees can cool a city by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit by releasing vapour through their leaves into the air.
  5. Trees reduce crime – A barren wasteland or an avenue of trees? Those neighbourhoods with green a-plenty have a reduced crime rate and create a greater sense of pride in the community landscape
  6. Trees host wildlife – A perfect home environment for birds, insects and mammals, maintaining and enriching biodiversity.
  7. Trees make wood – With the rising cost of fuel, why not plant and harvest your own wood as a heat source, for crafts, timber or chipped for animal bedding?
  8. Trees fill unproductive land – Generate income from unused land. Plant and harvest – use or sell.
  9. Trees can hide and block – a screen of trees or a strategically placed hedgerow can mask an eyesore and maintain privacy.
  10. Trees save money – woodland can cost less to maintain than open space and if you plant now, it’ll take just 10 years for your trees to grow above head-height.  What are you waiting for?

Filter-toolReady to plant? Now it’s time to make your choice of the right trees and hedging varieties. We’ve made that simple too, with our Trees & Hedging Filter Tool. For trees, start filtering now by choosing:

  • Use – Farmland, Firewood, Shelter, Small Garden
  • Characteristic – Attract wildlife, with flower or berry interest, native, evergreens and more
  • Soil type – acidic, alkaline, damp, sand or neutral and all types between!
  • Or  Growth Rate – quick, moderate, slow

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