What to do if your trees or hedge plants are under threat of flooding or wind damage

Flooded gardenIn wet and windy weather, your first priority should be trees planted in the last three years. These newly planted trees often have roots that have not developed fully.

As a result, they are not yet anchored firmly into the ground and are particularly at risk from extreme weather conditions such as high wind and heavy rainfall.

Help is at hand…. read on….

It is important to survey any trees you have planted to see if they are showing signs of wind stress. For example:

Leaning to one side, away from the prevailing wind direction

• Broken or splintered branches, or splits at a weak fork in the branch

Spotting signs of damage to a tree from waterlogged soils can be more difficult as the tree can be slow to react, but typically symptoms would include

Yellowing and early drop of some leaves or the early onset of autumn colour and full leaf drop

• Small leaf size, dead twigs and leaves at the ends of branches

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