UK County Shows in 2016: A great day to celebrate the UK countryside and rural community

UK County Shows 2016

The UK’s agricultural calendar is a busy one and there are some great County Shows around the country to keep your planting and countryside plans inspired this year.  We’ve pulled together an alphabetical list for you to take in all the best of British livestock, horse & dog shows and traditional arts & crafts.  A little rural treat for everyone!

A grand British tradition, the full-blown County Show offers a fantastic day out for all the family with displays, events, competitions and shopping galore for all things you need (and some you simply must-have!) to enjoy the UK countryside at its best.  Take a quick scan down our alphabetical list and see if there’s one near you that might take your fancy this season – and we might bump into you there!

Show Name Dates in 2016
Alresford Show  3rd September
Alrewas Show  16th July
Anglesey Show  9th to 10th August
Armagh County Show  11th June
Arthington Show  3rd July
Ashbourne Show  20th August
Ashby Show  10th July
Ashover Show  10th August
Aylsham Show  29th August
Ayr Country Show  14th May
Ballymoney Show  3rd to 4th June
Balmoral Show 11th to 13th May
Borrowby Show  27th July
Bowes Show  10th September
Brecon County Show  6th August
Bucks County Show  1st September
Burwarton Show  4th August
Cambridgeshire County Show  5th June
Chertsey Show  13th to 14th August
Cheshire County Show  21st to 22nd June
Chipping Show  22nd August
Clunderwen Show  29th August
Cockermouth Show  30th July
Cotswold Show  2nd to 3rd July
Countryside Live  22nd to 23rd October
Cranleigh Show  19th June
Cumberland Show  11th June
Devon County Show  19th to 21st May
Dorset County Show  3rd to 4th September
Driffield Show  20th July
Dumfries Show  6th August
Emley Show  6th August
Essex Young Farmers Show  22nd May
Fermanagh County Show  2nd to 3rd August
Fillongley Show  14th August
Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show  10th September
Garstang Show  6th August
Gillingam & Shaftesbury Agricultural Show  17th August
Glendale Show  29th August
Goosnargh & Longridge Agricultural Show  9th July
Great Yorkshire Show  12th to 14 July
Haddington Show  2nd July
Heckington Show  30th to 31st July
Henley Show  10th September
Herts County Show  28th to 29th May
Honley Show  11th June
Keighley Show  3rd September
Kenilworth Show  4th June
Kent County Show  8th to 10th July
Lincolnshire County Show  22nd to 23rd June
Lunesdale Show  9th August
Mid Somerset Show 21st August
Mid Devon Show  23rd July
Mirfield Show  21st August
Monmouthshire Show  25th August
Moorcock Show  4th September
Moreton in Marsh Show 5th September
Nantwich Show  27th July
Neilston Show  7th May
New Forest & Hampshire County Show  26th to 28th July
Newport Show  9th July
Nidderdale Show  19th September
North Somerset Show  2nd May
North Yorkshire County Show  19th June
Northumberland County Show  30th May
Nottinghamshire County Show  14th to 15th May
Okehampton Show  11th August
Orsett Show  3rd September
Oswestry Show  6th August
Otley Show  21st May
Pembrokeshire County Show  16th to 18th August
Penistone Show  10th September
Penrith Show  23rd July
Ripley Agricultural Show  14th August
Romsey Show  10th September
Royal Bath & West Show  1st to 4th June
Royal Cornwall Show  9th to 11th June
Royal County of Berkshire Show  17th to 18th September
Royal Highland Show  23rd to 26th June
Royal Norfolk Show  29th to 30th June
Royal Welsh Show  18th to 21st July
Rutland County Show  5th June
Sedgefield Show  13th August
Shropshire County Agricultural Show  28th May
Skelton Show  2nd July
Staffordshire County Show  1st to 2nd June
Staffordshire County Showground English Winter Fair  19th to 20th November
Stanhope Show  10th to 11th September
Stokesley Show  17th September
Suffolk County Show  1st to 2nd June
Surrey County Show  30th May
Tenbury Show  6th August
Tendring Show  9th July
Three Counties Show  17th to 19th June
Totnes Show  31st July
Turriff Show  31st July to 1st August
Usk Show  10th September
Vale of Glamorgan Show  10th August
Wensleydale Show  27th August
Westmorland County Show  8th September
Winterton Show  2nd to 3rd July

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