Your Trees and Hedging 2017: Weathering the Weather

Is it that time of year again?  The seasons seem to whizz by at pace.  One minute we’re marvelling at buds and blossoms, the next we’re trimming, strimming and raking up fallen leaves.  Was the weather kind to you and your garden and planting plans this year?  Let’s take a look back through our blogs to see how we weathered the weather!

trees-and-hedgingFrom thundersnow to floods, warm fronts to full-blown hurricanes, we can safely say: 2017 had it all.  If you’ve followed our blogs, your newly-planted trees and hedging will have made it through, despite the weather’s best efforts.   Wind-resistant plants, tips on watering, making the most of bare-root planting – we’ve been on your planting journey from start to finish.

2017: The Trees and Hedging Weather Review

We hope you and your plants have weathered the storm in 2017 and that you’ve had a successful season planting in your own garden, farm, field or landscape.   We’ll be back in 2018 so there will be plenty to keep your hedgerows, boundaries and woodlands in the best possible health.  Are you ready for more of the same?

Your plants have been through a lot in 2017….


Thundersnow in Jan 17

Wind resistant hedging and trees - windy

Wind in Mar 17

Waterlogged plants

Waterlogging in Apr 17

Newly planted

Perfect in Spring 17

Watering plants

Sun in Summer 17

Bare root

Autumn Chill in Nov 17

Just because the year is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to switch off from planting.  Make 2018 the year you start a new hedge – you’ll have a natural border, full of all season colour and foliage, hosting wildlife a-plenty.  Whatever your plans, we’ve plants, protection and accessories, ready in Lincolnshire to despatch across the UK.

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year and Season from the Trees and Hedging Team.


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