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Plants for harsh winters – or whatever the season throws at us

It might have been a mild and wet one so far, but who knows with the Great British Weather which of the elements is waiting around the corner? Maybe we’ll wake to a hard frost covering the garden. Whilst this might look beautiful, even the slightest smattering of snow can be a major headache for […]

Perfect plants for paddocks and pastures: Horse-friendly hedging and Trees

As if all the other benefits of trees and hedging to the landscape aren’t already enough, they’re a godsend to horses, too!  In amongst the hedgerows is also a good source of forage for them and can provide variety in their diet… but be careful what you plant as some can be harmful.

Top 10 British Native Trees: Keeping natural beauty and wildlife

Planting British native trees is important – for our landscape heritage, natural beauty and the wildlife community.  But what is a “British native tree” and which one should you choose?  Our tree experts have pulled together a handy guide to tell you all you need to know.