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Plants for harsh winters – or whatever the season throws at us

It might have been a mild and wet one so far, but who knows with the Great British Weather which of the elements is waiting around the corner? Maybe we’ll wake to a hard frost covering the garden. Whilst this might look beautiful, even the slightest smattering of snow can be a major headache for […]

12 Trees for Autumn Colour

The weather has a hint of change about it – so guess what? Autumn is just around the corner.  Your established trees and hedging will be displaying a beautiful array of colour, foliage, bark and berry interest.  But which one should you choose to plant this season to get the perfect combination of autumnal hues? […]

Small but perfectly formed: Plants for a small garden

You’re probably enjoying the fruits of your labours in the garden at this time of year.  Summer brings with it a glorious spectrum of floral, foliage and fragrant delights, whether you’re there to enjoy them or they’re waiting for you when you come back from your summer holiday. So, as you sit on a beach […]

What’s in a hedgerow? More than you think!

  Hot on the heels of Grown in Britain week, this month’s blog takes a closer look at our hedgerows.   Find out a little more about all the hidden treasures you get when you plant and look after a hedge…what’s in YOUR hedge?

Top 10 British Native Trees: Keeping natural beauty and wildlife

Planting British native trees is important – for our landscape heritage, natural beauty and the wildlife community.  But what is a “British native tree” and which one should you choose?  Our tree experts have pulled together a handy guide to tell you all you need to know.