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Meet the team: Keiron Proctor, Nursery Foreman

As part of a new feature, we thought we’d open our doors and let you meet our team here at  We will be publishing a little staff profile on each of our team so you know who’s who and can find out a little more about how we do what we do! First to pick up […]

Trees – the “green lungs” of our planet

Breathing…oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Remember this from your schooldays?  Without our lungs, we simply couldn’t survive. And likewise, without trees, the green lungs of our planet, we’d struggle to breath.

Jobs for the month: June 2013

June is a lovely time in the garden – for most of us, it’s when our gardens look their best. The vegetable plot is bursting at the seams with good things to eat, roses are in full bloom and the flower borders are a mass of colour. All this lush beauty means that there’s still […]