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How to care for your newly planted trees and hedging

Beyond the bare root season, we should now be thinking about the care and maintenance of any newly planted trees and hedging.  As specialist suppliers of trees and hedging, we’ve pulled together a handy Tree Care Checklist to help you ensure your young plants thrive and flourish this season and for many more to come.

Bee-friendly plants: If you were a bee, what bee would you be?

We’ve gone all poetical on you this month – perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the brighter nights, perhaps it’s the pollen!  Either way, we’ve got a sweet little poem to help you pick out the perfect bee-friendly plants from our range here at Treesandhedging HQ.

Signs of Spring: How your woodlands and hedgerows welcome the new season

The clocks have gone forward so it must be spring, right? Fields are full of lambs, a most welcome sign and a host of golden daffodils have burst into our gardens and verges, making a spring display that would inspire Wordsworth for evermore.  But how do our woodlands and hedgerows celebrate spring?

Love me, love my leaf litter

Leaves. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em – they’re part and parcel of planting new hedging, trees and managing your established plants. Whilst you’ll be wise to clear off leaves from your lawns and pathways, think about leaving your leaf litter under your hedges and trees. There’s a world of wildlife beneath our feet.

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