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Love me, love my leaf litter

Leaves. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em – they’re part and parcel of planting new hedging, trees and managing your established plants. Whilst you’ll be wise to clear off leaves from your lawns and pathways, think about leaving your leaf litter under your hedges and trees. There’s a world of wildlife beneath our feet.

Perfect plants for paddocks and pastures: Horse-friendly hedging and Trees

As if all the other benefits of trees and hedging to the landscape aren’t already enough, they’re a godsend to horses, too!  In amongst the hedgerows is also a good source of forage for them and can provide variety in their diet… but be careful what you plant as some can be harmful.

Meet the team: Reggie and Rita Robin

Featuring in our Meet the Team blog are our resident robin redbreasts, Reggie and Rita.  Reggie has been visiting our dispatch shed for the last two seasons but this year, he also brought along his new-found partner, Rita. Let’s find out what the pair have been up to this Winter!

Trees – the “green lungs” of our planet

Breathing…oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Remember this from your schooldays?  Without our lungs, we simply couldn’t survive. And likewise, without trees, the green lungs of our planet, we’d struggle to breath.